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SEAHAWK author Bruce Valley
was featured on
NH Chronicle Jan. 28, 2009.

Praise from
former Boston Bruins!
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Confessions of an Old Hockey Goalie

By Bruce Valley

SEAHAWK is a personal memoir of a youngster’s late 1950s participation on a championship New England town hockey team composed of WWII veterans, and traces that boy’s life and connection to hockey across almost sixty years. It is a ground-breaking study of aging while playing contact sports and reflects upon the famed WWII generation, pond hockey, black ice, and the hockey towns and teams of New England.

Few books are written about hockey; fewer expound fully on its special qualities as a sport. SEAHAWK is such a book.

"The book is called Seahawk: Confessions Of An Old Hockey Goalie. Remember that name because it is an early 2009 release, but it will get a lot of attention in hockey circles, not to mention serious consideration for the 2009 HockeyBookReviews.com Hockey Book Of The Year Award. . . In reading his passionate words, we the reader rediscover our own childhood lust for hockey. It is a great experience. Depending on how old the reader is, we can all relate as Valley moves on from his youth through his life. We all take different journeys, but hockey is always with us." Read more on Hockey Book Reviews . . .
Joe Pelletier is the author of two internationally published hockey books: The World Cup of Hockey (2 editions) and Legends of Team Canada.
“A fine literary descendant of Jack Falla’s Home Ice and Peter Gzowski’s The Game of Our Lives. Like any good hockey book, it teaches us more about the world than hockey itself.”
Dave Bidini, author of Tropic of Hockey and The Best Game You Can Name
“A compellingly intimate sports book that will hopefully become a movie, SEAHAWK has the breadth, depth, and power to be read for generations.”
Tom Clarie, Author of the award-winning Explorers educational game, and a forthcoming Egyptian history titled A Lighthouse for Alexandria

Published by Peter E. Randall Publisher

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