Rye Seahawks, Rye NH

The scene is Rye, New Hampshire’s town team hockey rink in late 1948. The Rye Seahawks players, left to right: Bill Jenness, Bill Moulton, and Phil Drake.

Confessions of an Old Hockey Goalie

By Bruce Valley

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About Bruce Valley

Former Navy test pilot Bruce Valley has been an amateur hockey goaltender for almost six decades. A jazz musician and poet, he is chief executive of an aerospace corporation in Alexandria, Virginia, where he lives with his wife of many years, Nancy. They have two children and six grandchildren, several of them hockey players. His poetry volume, Rye Harbor and Other Poems of the Seacoast, has been out of print for three decades.

From the Introduction to Seahawk:

"This book was written for the love of a game. For hockey.

"Most would find a certain incongruity between the speed, violence, and apparent brutishness of hockey and the softness, caring, and intimacy of the emotion we call love. My half-century of playing hockey, however, suggests nothing of the kind. There is no incongruity at all.

"No other contact sport inspires the enduring loyalty and deep love that hockey does—not football, not rugby, not soccer. And while hockey fans are legend, the true believers are those who have actually played the game."